‘Float’ Opening Night Video

April 2, 2014

Float by Caitlin Rigby & Rion from Just Another Agency on Vimeo.

‘Float’ is an exhibition that combines the work of Caitlin Rigby and Rion. Created in a shared studio in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, their body of work for ‘Float’ portrays the transition to new beginnings. While the exhibition presents a unified concept both artists express a strong individuality in their work.

A blue period in Rigby’s Career, this body of work explores the feeling of being suspended in melancholy. The work presented in ‘Float’ is a strong return to nature and family. A poetic sadness for the loss of a loved one, Rigby’s ideas branch from inner emotions and the struggle to communicate the transition of life and death.

Rion’s work explores a distant and unnerving fantasy that drifts far from reality. His work acts as an expression of escapism and a longing for inner peace. The imagery presents mysterious floating islands. Each island suggests a larger reality that has been severed, leaving a small piece isolated and floating in the emptiness of the unknown.